July 22, 2024

A few weeks ago, my family and I spent time looking through photo albums and flicking through pictures. We laughed at the awful haircuts my mom used to wear and enjoyed getting to know my mom at a period of her life that I would not have otherwise been able to. Looking through old family photos that bring back memories of childhood holidays, browsing through early pictures that documented my relationship with my partner, and gazing at images of my dog with all of his horrible haircuts are some of my most endearing recollections. I started to feel guilty that I wasn’t in more pictures, even though I adore the memories they bring back and the pictures on my phone.

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Professionally taken family photos that I had as a child are among my most treasured and hilarious memories. Seeing each other in one location and allowing our individuality to come through was pleasant.

Being the extremely well-organized and sometimes compulsive person that I am, I find that lists help me focus my thoughts. Now let’s get started… Here’s a rundown of my top reasons for hiring a photographer, along with some pictures from my amazing beach session with Sib and Joshua:


Even though selfies might work in some situations, nothing compares to having a professional take pictures of your special moments. Though it’s simple to assume that the memories will be saved on your phone, I occasionally find that I’m not in any of the pictures when I look back. Engaging a photographer allows you to share in the moments. Rather from being cut off from the present by a little screen that fits in your pocket, you get to be in the moments with your loved ones.

Secondly, professional photographers will not make you feel awkward or uneasy in front of the camera.

A (good) professional photographer will not just leave you standing in front of the camera without giving you any instructions on what to do or where to stand. Your photographer should be able to use these concepts to make you look beautiful and feel comfortable on camera. There are guidelines behind what makes certain postures work and what makes individuals seem good on video.

When I inquire with my customers about having professional photos taken, they frequently tell me that their friends have taken their portraits. If I go deeper, I frequently discover that they were uncomfortable being filmed and were at a loss for what to say. That’s not how working with a professional should feel. A key differentiator between portrait photographers and other photographers is their extensive guidance and expertise in posing, which will ensure your picture session is memorable and pleasant.


The majority of professional photographers have made significant financial investments in their gear and are well knowledgeable about how to get the most of it. While I’m not suggesting that spending more money on gear will always result in better photos, photographers who have equipment that they know how and when to use tend to produce images of higher quality.

For instance, I use different lenses for different purposes. For shots where I want to include the background, I use wide-angle lenses; for more flattering portraits, I use more zoomed-in lenses. I use lenses that prevent distorting people’s faces and lenses with low apertures that can assist produce that creamy, smooth backdrop. In order to have complete control over the images I take, I also use a manual camera. I then edit the images to add a unique style, soften the skin, remove harsh shadows, etc. I have extensive knowledge of my equipment, which has a significant impact on the quality of your images.

4. Professional photographers will take all reasonable steps to arrange lovely and customized sessions, since it is their responsibility to provide high-quality images.

Photographers are quite knowledgeable about lighting, settings, and attire in addition to their equipment, all of which contribute to the creation of memorable photo opportunities. I personally use a variety of surveys, provide location pages, and offer a lot of guidance to assist in creating the most exquisite, unique experiences possible for each customer. It’s my responsibility to know picturesque spots that make for great backgrounds, the ideal times of day to take pictures, and how to style customers’ clothes to complement their body types and make for the most attractive pictures. I believe that the planning process is what gives each person a highly personalized and unique experience, and the planning is evident in the finished result.