May 21, 2024

On April 1, 2024, the Chhattisgarh government announced the delivery of the second installment of the Mahtari Vandan Yojana, a women’s welfare program that offers qualified applicants an annual subsidy of Rs 12,000 from the state government.

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Vishnu Deo Sai stated that qualified beneficiaries of the plan would get the monthly payment of Rs 1,000 in the first week of each month while making this announcement on social networking platform X on April 3, 2024.

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Remember that on March 10, 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Mahatari Vandana Yojana 2024 in Chhattisgarh and released Rs 655 crore as the program’s first installment, providing a significant boost to women’s empowerment in the state. The Mahatari Vandana Yojana would provide participants with a monthly account payment of Rs 1,000.

Benefit of Mahatari Vandan Yojana

The Chhattisgarh government has introduced a policy that would provide eligible married women in the state a monthly direct benefits transfer (DBT) of Rs 1,000. The difference sum up to Rs 10,000 per month would be provided to women who get benefits from other social welfare initiatives that total less than Rs 10,000. Based on such computation, the Mahatari Vandan Yojana 2024 will provide an annual benefit of Rs 12,000 to every recipient.

The goal of the Mahatari Vandana Yojana 2024

The program’s goals are to guarantee women’s financial stability, advance gender equality, and reinforce the pivotal role that women play in the home. The programme would help almost 70 lakh women.

Eligibility for the Mahari Vandana Yojana 2024

If they fulfill the following requirements, all married, widowed, divorced, and abandoned women are entitled to receive benefits under the Mahtari Vandan Scheme 2024:

They live in the state of Chhattisgarh permanently.

The first day of 2024 makes them 21 years old.

To whom does the Mahtari Vandan Yojana 2024 not apply?

Under the Mahtari Vandan program 2024, a woman will not be eligible for the reward even if she meets the above-mentioned requirements if:

whether any relatives of hers are employed as taxpayers.

If any member of her family is employed permanently or under contract by any state or federal department as a Class-1, Class-2, or Class-3 officer.

whether any of her relatives have ever served as a member of parliament.

If any member of her family now serves on the board of directors or was previously the vice-president of a corporation under the federal or state government.

Mahatari Vandana Yojana 2024: Application Documentation

a self-certified passport-sized picture

Proof of permanent address: voter ID, residency certificate, and ration card

The self-adhaar card

spousal Aadhaar card

PAN card, if you own one

Husband’s PAN card, if he possesses one

marriage license

Certificate of death for widows

Certificate of abandonment

Just one birthdate evidence: transcripts from grades 10 and 12, a transfer certificate, a PAN card, a voter ID, and a driver’s license

Number of bank account

Address for a bank account

IFSC code for a bank account

Passbook for a bank account photocopied

Self-disclosure agreement

properly completed application

Mahatari Vandana Yojana: Necessary Conditions

Financial institution account

DBT initiation

The female applicant’s name must appear on the bank account. To be eligible for the Mahtari Vandan plan benefit, the female candidate is asked to create a back account if she does not already have one.

Where can I find the application for the Mahtari Vandan Scheme?

The Mahtari Vandan Scheme application form is available for download at, the official website. A hard copy of the Mahtari Vandan Scheme application form is also available at the closest anganwadi, ward office, gram panchayat, and any special camps that the state government occasionally plans to organize.

How can I apply online for the Mahtari Vandan Scheme 2024?

The program is not currently available for online applications. To learn more about the program, individuals may, nonetheless, go to the official website at The Chhattisgarh government has ordered that eligible individuals would be able to apply for the plan using both a mobile app and a web page.

How can I apply offline for the Mahtari Vandan Scheme 2024?

You can apply offline for the Mahtari Vandan Scheme 2024 by going to the closest anganwadi, ward office, gram panchayat, or one of the special camps that the state government occasionally organizes.

Send in your completed application form together with photocopies and the originals of any required paperwork. The self-declaration form has to be attached to your application as well.

Ensure that each photocopy of the filed documents has your own signature.

The original copies of your papers will also be sought from you for verification if there are any unclear sections.

Upon submission of your application, the qualified ladies will get an acknowledgement receipt.

Additionally, you will get an SMS on the progress of your application on the registered mobile number.