July 20, 2024

Did you know that in the US, October is National Family History Month? There’s no better way to commemorate than to surround yourself with gorgeous, archival photographs! The benefits of printing your digital images are numerous. Let’s examine a couple of them together!

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1. You’re not viewing them on a computer or phone.

How many pictures are on your computer or phone right now? How many of those pictures do you view every day, every month, or even every year? I’m going to venture that the number is rather low.

By hiring a photographer, you are investing in high-quality images that document important moments in your life. Investing money on pictures that will be left on a platform and forgotten about is not what you want to do. It’s an expensive waste!

Making the most of your photographer booking is your goal. Print out your images to present them the way they were intended to be seen.

2. Take pride in your best memories as you’ve already invested in them!

There are a ton of advantages to having lovely pictures all throughout your house.

They craft exquisite, classic displays featuring the most significant individuals in your life. They offer a distinctive and adaptable style for interior design.

Additionally, they serve as a continual reminder of your most priceless experiences. As a photographer, I’m always trying to find real moments to record. Sure, it’s crucial to take formal pictures during significant events, but those aren’t often the ones you want on display in your house.

The family cat got into something behind the camera, so you’re showing off the unposed picture of your kids giggling. At your wedding, you’re holding up the picture of your husband, looking quite emotional. You’re holding up the picture of your kid gorging on their first birthday cake and getting all messed up. You’re holding up the picture of your parents celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary while dancing together.

It’s these unpolished moments you want to cherish. Ultimately, what matters is recalling the authentic events rather than only focusing on appearances. Posing and candid shots are two things that a skilled photographer can capture. Perhaps the most wonderful thing about life is that it’s messy. One of the finest ways to showcase your chaotic, lovely existence is by printing your digital images.

3. Technology is not trustworthy.

The dreaded software update is one of the worst things about storing your images online. Your files will usually survive an upgrade. However, your devices’ compatibility with your images will expire eventually. It is impossible to predict when file formats such as JPEG may go inactive.

Do you recall CD drives? Not only do they not work with contemporary devices, but there is also no practical means to access, view, or recover images from outdated systems. Having a durable duplicate of your digital images may be achieved by printing them.

Computers malfunction. Phones come back to life. Documents close without preserving your edits. Even the strongest among us experience it from time to time.

In the end, there is still a great deal about contemporary technology that we don’t comprehend. It is ever-evolving, therefore there can come a time when your pictures are unable to keep up.

Who knows what new technological advances may bring about in a few years with regard to our photos? Keep your pictures safe even if you didn’t print them.

4- JPEG images degrade

We are fortunate to live in a time where thousands of files are readily accessible at the push of a button. However, if you want to see your images in their optimal state, technology isn’t the ideal choice.

A file on your computer begins to slowly deteriorate each time it is opened. It may be hard to see at first, but with time, the amazing quality of your images will fade. To ensure you have a copy of your digital images in the best condition possible, print them as soon as you receive them.

5. Unless you print your files, you don’t actually own them.

You receive your images once they are taken. You may then download them to your phone or computer to save them. Alternatively, you might save them on an external site such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Your images aren’t entirely yours if you’re not printing them, regardless of where you’re placing them.

This is a result of the platform where they are kept not being your property. You’ll probably upgrade your phone or computer at some point, even if you own it. Being the owner means you always have total control over your images. However, what would happen if Google or Apple were to fail? If such sites disappear, will you be able to get your pictures back from them?

Using an external hard drive as a backup for your images is something I would advise. This is a useful method for digital storage. Printing your images is, of course, the best way to guarantee that you have a hard copy of them.

6. Looking at your pictures might make you happier

Everybody has bad days. Regardless of life’s challenges, gazing back on joyful recollections may quickly improve your disposition. Even if you may feel under the weather, brighter days are ahead when you look at the happy smiles of you and your loved ones.

It’s so much more satisfying to have a gorgeous, high-quality photo printed in a gorgeous frame on your wall than it is to browse through your phone. Scrolling through digital media all day exposes us to a lot of content. Your interactions with your images ought to be unique.

7- Your kids will be grateful, as will their kids.

Numerous research have been conducted about the psychological impact of having printed photos around the house. One of these research is explained in this New York Times story.

According to the study, kids who are aware of their family history have stronger self-esteem, are more resilient to setbacks, and can “moderate the effects of stress” more effectively.

All around your kids, hang lovely family portraits. Young children typically learn to recognize parents and other close family members after seeing these pictures. For your older kids, it might also be a terrific way to start a conversation.

Do you recall inquiring where their childhood picture was taken of your parents? Print your digital images to provide your kids with the same opportunity.

8. Printed pictures may be ordered online.

You receive more than just the photoshoot experience when you schedule a session with me. In addition to taking your images, I also provide product services and printing, so you may discover lovely ways to have them all displayed in one location.

Printing images from other businesses may be costly and difficult. While printing them from your neighborhood pharmacy is handy, their selection of sizes isn’t always optimal, and their quality isn’t always the best.

Printing your images entails more than just producing hard copies of the images you may display in frames on your wall. I have a wide range of tangible goods that will elegantly showcase your images. All in one handy location, you can have your photos printed both conventionally and on my goods! Delivering high-quality service is my first focus, and this also applies to my printing services. Please see my product price guide here to find out more about the things I sell.