July 20, 2024

The riches that may be discovered there add to the special mystique of a trip in the Sahara Desert, making it even more unforgettable. Explore this extraordinary terrain to learn about historic cultures, breathtaking desert landscapes, and get lost under some of the most starry skies you’ve ever seen. Take a quick trip from the UK and immerse yourself in a place that seems a planet away.

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Trekking in the Sahara Desert will show you some of the most amazing vistas on the planet. The biggest hot desert on Earth, the Sahara Desert, runs roughly north-south along Morocco’s eastern border with Algeria.

Having spent many years living in Morocco during the winter, I can honestly say that this is one of my all-time favorite places to travel, not only for the breathtaking landscape but also for the kind, inviting, and accepting locals. It’s my second home, and I like returning frequently to visit friends and their families. It is a very unique location.

Here are my top ten recommendations for traveling to this amazing and historic Sahara Desert area.


The absence of wifi in the desert makes it the ideal place to go completely digitally detox. You have lots of time to get back in touch with the natural world and take in the tranquil Saharan vistas with a 360-degree horizon. Together with your Berber guide, a caravan of crew members, and camels, you will travel through the Sahara desert and experience the nomadic way of life. The Berber people call themselves Amazigh, which means “free people” in their native tongue. It’s time to unplug from technology and embrace a more traditional way of life.


Enjoy the breathtaking desert landscape as you hike across expansive plains, winding wadis, striking plateaus, tamarisk and acacia trees, secret settlements, palm gorges, dry riverbeds, and lunar-like vistas. The terrain is ever-changing due to the heat and winds that shape the desert. The evidence is readily apparent because to the continuously shifting woven patterns and structures.


You can see the stunning color changes of the desert around sunset as the scorching desert air begins to cool with the last of the sun’s beams. pinks. The Reds. Yellow-colored. Orange. An really breathtaking encounter.

It’s also worthwhile to get out of your sleeping bag early and dash to the top of the closest sand dune to see the sun gently rising above the unspoiled countryside and changing colors during a beautiful dawn. It will seem as though you are alone in the desert.


Admire the profusion of sparkling stars in the pitch-black, light-polluted night skies. A memorable experience is being wrapped in a blanket while gazing up at the millions of stars and taking in the tranquil sounds of emptiness. It will seem as though you had endless time.

5. Regional Cuisine

A delectable treat waiting for your palate is the local cuisine. Savor the rich flavors of freshly baked bread warm from the desert oven and the aromas of home-cooked tagines. Eating in a typical Bedouin tent beneath its canvas is a delightful experience. There are also lots of evenings to relax and drink your mint tea while stargazing and resting your tired legs.


Some of the world’s friendliest and most hospitable individuals. When you go through the Sahara with your crew and Berber guide, you will learn that the Amazigh people are renowned for their friendliness. You will be delightfully humbled by their way of living and learn a great deal about their culture.


Setting off on an exciting style adventure helps to intensify the positive emotions between you all. Your group will rapidly come together as a result of stepping beyond of your comfort zone and becoming terrific friends—possibly even lifelong ones. As you meander across the desert, there’s no designated path to follow, so you may stretch out and enjoy some “me time” or stroll alongside each other and strike up a conversation. We welcome single travelers in our small, friendly hiking groups. We are here to immerse you in your very own Lawrence of Arabia-style adventure narrative with as much help as you require, whether you are an experienced traveler or a first-timer.


A camel—what’s not to love? They all have unique personalities (and snorts), cute features, and a peaceful demeanor. As you travel over the parched terrain of their native nation, you will find yourselves laughing heartily at their antics.


We take great satisfaction in offering small-group travel that minimizes environmental effect, maximizes your safety and well-being, and enhances the authenticity of your experience. You’ll get a complimentary Adventurous Ewe Water-To-Go Bottle upon leaving to contribute to the reduction of Morocco’s single-use plastic footprint. Additionally, you may take satisfaction in the fact that your Sahara Desert Trek will enable us to keep supporting Cool Earth, the top charity for climate change. It’s a significant victory!

10. YOU

An expedition without you would be what? We would be delighted to take you on this desert adventure. To walk the Sahara, you don’t have to be the world’s most skilled hiker. All you really need are some tough drive, an adventurous spirit, and a challenging pair of footwear. From the minute you get in contact until you return home with wonderful memories, incredible tales, and some newfound travel pals, you will have my whole support at every stage!

An adventure in the Sahara Desert immerses you in an ancient region, culture, and way of life, providing a unique and off-the-beaten-path experience. You’re going to have an absolutely amazing experience, and you won’t want to leave the magic behind. For further information, see our trip page or get in contact with us since we like discussing anything related to the Sahara Desert.